NeoGen Plasma

The NeoGen Plasma skin treatment utilizes ultra-high radio frequency to ionize medical grade nitrogen gas stored in a pressurized cylinder. This creates nitrogen plasma in the nozzle of the cylinder, which can then deliver a controlled pulse of plasma thermal energy. This pressurized pulse of nitrogen plasma purges oxygen from the area being treated. This helps to prevent damaging the skin around the treatment area.

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Why NeoGen Plasma is Unique

  • It treats the entire skin architecture
  • It treats multiple conditions
  • It can be used to treat the whole body, including the peri-ocular area
  • After treatment, skin forms a natural barrier that aids in recover
  • Treatment protocols can be tailored to meet client needs:
    • High energy – results with significantly less: downtime, risks and post treatment complications
    • Low energy – life-long preventive and maintenance treatments, achieving substantial improvement with minimal downtime, inconvenience or discomfort
    • Very low energy – bacterial control and increased skin permeability of actives