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Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted or excessive hair growth can leave you feeling down and less confident about your appearance, while ingrown hairs can cause a lot of pain and unsightly bumps. In the past, treatment for these issues was only effective for lighter-skinned individuals with dark hair. Still, fortunately, laser hair removal has become more accessible and advanced in recent years. At our practice, we can safely treat people with virtually all skin types and hair colors.

Lasers emit a specialized, pulsed light, which is absorbed by the pigment in your hair and then transmitted down the hair shaft to the root. The hair follicle is damaged by the laser’s heat, which prohibits future growth.

Before your procedure, we will evaluate your skin and hair type to select the best laser to suit your needs. We will also thoroughly discuss the possible risks, your expectations, and the best ways to prepare for treatment.

The duration of each session varies depending on what area of the body you are having treatment. A small area, such as the upper lip, may take only five minutes, while a larger area, like the back or legs, may take up to one hour. The area should be shaved or cut short before treatment. For best results, we recommend that you do not wax or pluck hairs for three weeks prior to treatment.

Laser hair removal is safe and effective when performed by a licensed professional specializing in laser technology. You can expect the highest level of treatment from our qualified professionals at Skin & Tonic.


Lasers can safely remove hair from almost any part of the body. The most popular areas to have laser hair removal include the legs, armpits, face, bikini line, neck, upper arms, shoulders, and back. However, virtually all areas that grow hair can be treated.

Laser hair removal is performed as an outpatient procedure in our office. A topical numbing cream will be applied before using the laser for comfort. Most patients easily tolerate the procedure and describe the sensation as “light prickling.”

The results of laser hair removal will vary depending on the person and the area(s) treated. In most cases, hair removal will be long-lasting. Otherwise, hair growth may be significantly reduced, with new hair becoming finer, lighter, and more sparse.

Laser hair removal is performed over a series of treatments to ensure hair is targeted at different growth cycle stages. The number of sessions required will also depend on the area(s) treated. Six to eight treatments spaced approximately one month apart are sufficient for most people. Any re-growths can be addressed with touch-up treatments.

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