Trinkette Parker

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Trinkette Parker

Trinkette Parker is a highly skilled and licensed cosmetologist with a passion for her craft. She received her primary training and education at the prestigious American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics in Dallas, Texas, where she honed her skills in the art of cosmetic tattooing.

With a commitment to staying at the forefront of her field, Trinkette continues to receive advanced education every year, working alongside renowned plastic surgeons and specialists. Her dedication to excellence in her work has earned her the title of Master Technician and Instructor, and she is recognized as a leader in the industry.

Trinkette has performed over 10,000 procedures throughout her career, encompassing a wide range of cosmetic services. Her specialties include areola pigmentation, scar camouflage, and cosmetic intradermal pigmentation of eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips. Her expertise is unmatched, and she takes pride in helping her clients achieve their desired look with precision and care.

Whether it’s enhancing natural features, correcting imperfections, or providing expert advice, Trinkette’s knowledge and experience make her an invaluable resource for anyone seeking high-quality cosmetic services.

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